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Addiction happens when a person becomes overly dependent on something. It is often defined as a habit that has become out of control. Many of these involve activities which are initially fairly innocent, but can develop into harmful addictions, that can cause pain and suffering to the person and their loved ones.

Other addictions may develop because of the way they make people feel, both emotionally and physically. They can be pleasurable and form a type of escapism.

Below are some of the more common addictions


Drug addiction





Internet addiction

Sex addiction


How can counselling help me?

Addiction treatment, such as counselling, is crucial for helping people to recognise the problem and take steps to recovery. There are many treatments which can be effective in helping someone to overcome their addiction. On an initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to talk to someone about your concerns and feelings, upon which your Counsellor can decide on which treatment is most suited for you.

Typically, the earlier the person receives treatment for addiction, the more successful that treatment will be.

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