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Relationships are a very important part of our lives and can form the basis of our overall contentment and happiness.  From time to time any relationship can run into difficulties and these can be caused by a number of factors, which may include:


Lack of communication

Feelings of loneliness within the relationship

Lack of intimacy

Problems relating to trust and commitment



Very often problems within our relationships may be caused by external factors that are creeping into the relationship.  These may include:


Pressures of work

Money worries

Lack of self-confidence


Problems existing from previous relationships

Family difficulties

Lack of time for one another


How can counselling help me?

Counselling provides a caring, open and non-judgmental environment to discuss and identify the issues or problems you may be facing in your relationship. Exploring different aspects such as understanding why arguments escalate and how they can be resolved, learning how to communicate more constructively and understanding how factors may be negatively influencing your relationship.

Many clients find that Couples Counselling is especially beneficial. 

Don't forget that going through troubled times is normal in a relationship. How you both get through these times is often a good indicator of how strong your relationship is.

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