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Separation & Divorce

The decision to end a relationship is a difficult one. Not only are there a lot of strong emotions involved in this particularly painful process, but there can also be a lot of practicalities to consider such as moving out of the family home or the prospect of becoming a single parent. Whatever the reasons for your separation, counselling can help you make a smoother transition into the next chapter of your life.

How can counselling help me?

Counselling for separation and divorce works on the assumption that the existing intimate relationship is no longer recoverable. The focus will not be on fixing any issue to save the relationship, but rather to help individuals understand and make sense of what has happened.

It gives the opportunity to learn more about oneself to help with the acceptance of change and progression whilst offering perspective and closure. It also explores potential deeper problems, which may be pre-existing or as a consequence of the relationship breaking down. Talking about any issues and implementing solutions to manage them will only help your future self and minimise any impact on loved ones.

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