Jackie Gladden MBACP

Jackie has been a Person Centred Counsellor for 20 years and works with adults, children and young people from age 11. 

Jackie also offers clinical supervision to counsellors sharing the responsibility for professional development of the Supervisee’s skills, knowledge and understanding.


Jackie says "there are times in everyone’s life, when our problems and worries seem to weigh us down and hold us back from appreciating our lives. These thoughts and feelings can affect our sleep, our concentration, our love, friendships and work relationships and cause a great deal of distress, so much so, that just coping with day to day life, feels like everything is too much and can leave us feeling overwhelmed.  Working with a qualified and experienced counsellor allows you to talk through these feelings and gives the opportunity to find your own choices and decisions to help relieve the pressure and make positive changes to your life."

Tel: 07842 919 699

Email: jackie@nwreflections.co.uk